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Thursday, January 14, 2010 January 21: differences – FCPE – “manufactures unemployed” – the caravan in college – Haiti January 21: January 21 next differences will be a day of action in the national education and public function.

Thursday, January 14, 2010 January 21: differences – FCPE – "manufactures unemployed" – the caravan in college – Haiti January 21: January 21 next differences will be a day of action in the national education and public function. But a report in the Pedagogical Cafe shows very well that the goals are not the same for all unions. The strike Thursday, January 21 in the secondary was initially called at the initiative of the SNES and SNEP (two unions FSU), CGT and Sud (the SNALC joined this call). With Saturday 30 January, a national event. If this date was chosen to act against the budget for these unions, it is above all to reject the reforms of the Minister and in particular the high school reform, seen as a way to organize the shortage and as an attack against them disciplinary knowledge. They also reject the strengthening of institutional autonomy But recently, the NMS-CFDT and UNSA Education have also called for a day of action on January 21, but on a different basis. At the risk of blurring the messages. In a joint statement, they are not opposed to reform school as they consider whether to upgrade the system under certain conditions. They therefore call for demonstrations on January 21 for several reasons: job cuts (16 000) who "question the ability of the school to be transformed." For them, high school reform "needs resources." The autonomy of the institution seems sufficiently regulated to allow them flexibility without strengthening inegaltes. He also refused the reform of the training of teachers considered "disastrous" and "ideological". As rightly notes Francois Jarraud, we’ll see scroll "in the same event two rather irreconcilable visions of the School." The CIPF parents and the school’s transformation Still in The Pedagogical Cafe, one can read an interview with Jean Jacques Hazan, president of the CIPF. The results of the last elections parents delegates have confirmed their position as the leading organization. Asked about the planned actions, Jean-Jacques Hazan says they will continue the initiated campaigns including the replacement of absent teachers. He explained the meaning of his action "We are not there to moan, we want the school beforehand, allows the achievement of all students. We act also in everyday advice or a head teacher for example, in a meeting with the mayor, the inspector, the prefect, the president or even the Minister. It is of little matter that deserves our interest. Our campaign on justice at school is just beginning and our presence in the field of education too. ". It is clearly positioned as an "user" of the school (with the students) who has something to say to positively change the whole education system. "With the students, we will act as users to change the system. Although we are worried about the place reserved for education in our country, we do not resign. We will continue to say that teacher training should be reviewed and increased in its educational and vocational dimension unlike what is being prepared at the moment and that is dramatic because for 40 years it plans to recruit without training generations of teachers. "Manufactures unemployed in September 2009 Valerie Pecresse put in place for one year a Council for the Development of Humanities and Social Sciences. This council made Thursday a first progress report whose recommendations propose to meet the challenge of employability of students often somewhat hastily qualified sectors of "manufactures unemployed". First recommendation: Board members propose to restore the qualifying year, that is to say refresher and to develop multidisciplinary licenses that allow students to expand their knowledge to go to "general education" " type liberal arts. " In a world where adaptability is a force, humanities, which require a "mastery of language" should be valued. The president of the council, Marie-Claude Maurel, said at the news conference "it is wrong to believe that SHS graduate unemployment rate is superior to others." "I reject the term" factory unemployed ", because it is not taken into account the default selection" that takes place in these sectors, she added. the caravan to move on college, with a great story as can still produce the School of the Republic and we read in Le Parisien. This is the story of Mirabela. This girl of 26 years, Roma and left Romania, there are four. It was at that time she learned French. It follows now law courses at the University of Saint-Denis while living in a camp of people travel Essonne. She wants to become a lawyer. A vocation born perhaps listening to the lawyers of Evry court advocate against evictions of his countrymen that it helps in their steps and turn to it from very often. "I really want to get there, I’ll try to invest myself more in my studies," she promises despite numerous requests. As for the pressure of his family, who would prefer to see her married and employed, Mirabela also asserts its independence "Sure as my mother, who had me at 15, my life is hard to understand. My three brothers were married before age 18, my background is a little different from theirs. But I will not let my family to make my choices for me. "Haiti I could not finish this review without mentioning Press the main topic of news: the earthquake in Haiti. I note that the World has assembled on the same page all the links to the sites of associations where you can make donations and show solidarity with the wounded country. Good reading… ——————————————— – Liberation.fr of 14/01/10 (some paid items) a test of good servants of the state for the teachers? Will the future secondary teachers have to prove they are good servants of the state? During oral tests Capes or aggregation, they will be interviewed on the theme: "Acting State official and ethically and responsibly." They will have ten minutes to a discussion of a document, then ten minutes for an interview with the jury. The union of scientists from the FSU – SNCS – yesterday pulled the alarm, denouncing "hateful disposition" "One wonders if the next step will not be the oath officials [in force under Vichy. , note] said Philippe Butten, by entering competitions, candidates are already committed to serve the state. "the decree on the new competition was published on 6 January. "Acting State official" is defined very broadly in the specification pay someone to do assignments
of the teachers – know the institutions, the operation of the school to share the values ??of the Republic, etc. "We already had a very similar test in the primary mainly on the education system, says Gilles Moindrot of Snuipp, the main union, we must ensure that it is not diverted to ensure the docility of the students." Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 14/01/10 Facs: a report to end the "manufactures unemployed" Valerie Pecresse receives Thursday tracks the Council for the development of humanities and social sciences. Read more of the article return allowance: a deputy crusade against abuse A UMP parliamentary filed a bill for the school allowance paid to families in difficulty no longer used other than for purchases related to school. The State Secretariat for the Family seems to favor it. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— the Monde.fr of 14/01/10 Nothing seen … —————————– ————– Humanity of 14/01/10 (delay of one day) the right to raise absenteeism Supported by Luc Chatel, a UMP deputy wants to reactivate the suspension of family allowances in case of prolonged absence of a student. Other solutions have yet been proven. Read more of the article "Jackpot and allowances, the two sides of the same policy unacceptable" "The Government condemns the weakest" regrets Christiane Allain, of the CIPF. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien (some paid items) of 14/01/10 from caravan to Mirabela college, a ROM 26, took courses in law at the University of Saint-Denis all people living in a camp of travel Essonne. Read more of the article A main hot meals deprives its students a head teacher begins tomorrow a showdown with the General Council by refusing to serve hot meals to schoolchildren and imposing hours to go to the bathroom. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– the Cross of 14/01/10 the Church concerned about the fate of children and young immigrants Instituted by Pope Benedict XV in 1914, the World Day of migrants and refugees, celebrated Sunday, January 17, will focus this year "migrant and refugee minors» Read more of the article ———————————– ————- echoes (some paid items) of 14/01/10 ——————- Nothing seen … —————————– 20 minutes from 14/01/10 Nothing seen ——– … —————————————- 14/01/10 Genrimages of Rue89, a website against gender stereotypes This January 14 is launched site promotion www.genrimages.org. A work in schools on gender stereotypes, which is clearly not the taste of the FN. Via an inept statement, the party protested against the project funding by region: Read more of the article ———————— ———————— West of France … 14/01/10 Nothing seen ———— ———————————— Le Journal du Dimanche 14/01/10 Nothing seen .. . —————————————- Le Nouvel Obs Permanent 14/01 / 10 Nothing seen … —————————————- Express. fr 14/01/10 Nothing seen … ————————————– ——– the Pedagogical Cafe 14/01/10 Divided unions prepare 21 janvie Coincidence? Maybe not. Wednesday, January 13, the main teacher unions, SNES and Fsu SNEP Fsu one side, CFDT and UNSA Education Sgen another, held press conferences to present their actions in January and especially the day of 21 January 2010. Read more of the article institutional autonomy at heart of union division Highlight of high school reform, increased school autonomy is it desirable? Will she improve outcomes and reduce inequalities? If the question of resources, time is often put forward by critics of high school reform, it is that of institutional autonomy and therefore their governance which is actually the heart of the union division. Recall that overall, the schedule for each class envelope is very different from the previous envelope. But the distribution of this envelope will leave the uniformity vary by location in sensitive proportions since about a third of the schedule will be decided in the facility by the headteacher, supported educationally Council and under control strengthened the Board of Directors. Read more of the article FCPE: "The transformation of the school depends a lot on us," After the success of the CIPF in elections for parent representatives, Jean-Jacques Hazan, president of the first association of parents, evokes his plans and instead he intends to give parents in the transformation of the school. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — Mediapart (fee) of 14/01/10 Nothing seen … ——————————- ————— EducPros of 14/01/10 language Teachers: how they use ICT? The webpedagogique Launches Language Teachers survey on their use of ICT in secondary and higher education. Results will be presented at Expolangues fair held in Paris from 3 to 6 February 2010. Read more of the article ———————– ———————————— A selection in dispatches of national Meeting on 14/01/10 inclusion in social sciences a "national meeting" between employers involved in integration and universities will be held February 18 on the issue of employment of university courses of humanities and social sciences (SHS) announced Valerie Pecresse Thursday during a press briefing. Read more of the article An alliance for social sciences research proposed A report presented Thursday to the Minister of Higher Education and Research Valerie Pecresse proposes the creation of an alliance to better structure research in Science human and social (SHS). Read more of the article Towards multidisciplinary licenses in social sciences and humanities The Minister of Higher Education, Valerie Pecresse, took to his account Thursday the recommendation of the "Council for the Development of Humanities and Social Sciences" to develop multidisciplinary licenses to university in social sciences (SHS). Read more of the article Rousset demand that regions of France are rebuilding schools in Haiti Alain Rousset, President PS of the Association of Regions of France, said Thursday in Bordeaux have "suggested that regions support the reconstruction of high schools and boarding schools "in Haiti, devastated by a violent earthquake. Read more of the article Safety School: Hortefeux skeptical about the search schoolbags The interior minister, Brice Hortefeux, was skeptical about the possibility of organizing systematic searches of backpacks at the entrance school Thursday in the Senate, at the meeting current issues in government. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license. Posted by Watrelot on Thursday, January 14, 2010


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